Diversity Coffee Company was established with the vision of providing our customers with ethically sourced, superior quality coffee and exceptional customer service. We strive to make a difference in the communities that we work in, which starts with the farm worker, as represented in our logo. We currently offer estate grown 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee® grown in our own plantations in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is one of a kind. Nestled high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and surrounded by cool mist and natural springs, the terrain provides ideal growing conditions for one of the most revered coffee in the World. Known for a uniquely balanced taste, and captivating aroma, our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffees are sourced only from a few select farms with the highest quality standards. The delicate coffee cherries are first naturally ripened to perfection in the cool mist and when ready, are hand-picked. Then, we expertly process and roast the coffee to make each cup the best you have ever tasted!