About Us

Mountain ViewSarada with coffee shrub

Diversity Coffee Company was founded by Sarada Krishnan, Ph.D., who is the CEO of the company. Sarada has a strong background in coffee cultivation and research. Growing up in India, her family owned a coffee plantation in Kalpetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala State. Her undergraduate degree in tropical horticulture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University provided her with a background in coffee cultivation. Her doctoral research at University of Colorado, Boulder was on genetic diversity studies on four wild species of coffee in Madagascar, making recommendations for their conservation and management of germplasm. She has also been involved in coffee research in South Sudan through World Coffee Research. She is currently in discussions with University of West Indies and the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica to perform collaborative coffee research. She has published many scientific papers and given presentations on coffee. Through the purchase of coffee farms in Jamaica in 2010, she continues her family heritage and her passion for coffee.

Diversity Coffee Company’s operations revolve around these four core values:

Community− We strive to make a positive impact in the communities where we grow or source our coffees from. We are already making an impact in the Bangor Ridge community of Portland Parrish in the Jamaican Blue Mountains, where local people are hired for work on our farms at fair wages, leading to an economic impact in the community.

Diversity− In addition to Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, in the future, we will offer other select coffee from other coffee growing regions of the worlds working with diverse communities, sourced for their uniqueness and impact on the local community.

Quality− We provide the best quality coffee and exceptional customer service.

Sustainability− All of our business practices are conducted in a sustainable way to ensure minimal waste in all aspects of the business. High priority is given to environmental sustainability.