Coffee Leaf Rust: A Genetic Solution

Leaft undersurface

The coffee leaf rust has been in the news lately due to infection in Central American coffee growing regions in epidemic proportions. This recent outbreak of coffee rust in Central America has resulted in more than 60% of the trees exhibiting 80% defoliation in Mexico and crop devastation in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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Composting Coffee Waste

Fresh pulp ready to be composted

This morning a friend asked if he could use coffee grounds in his compost pile? My immediate response was “yes, of course.” My horticultural training has taught me that any composted plant product would only add organic matter to your soil, enriching the soil. But, this piqued my curiosity in learning more about the use

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History of Jamaican Coffee

The Blue Mountains

Jamaica’s coffee history started in the 18th Century when Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes planted coffee in his estate at Temple Hall in the hills of St. Andrew in 1728. Since two-thirds of Jamaica is made up of hilly lands, it was not suitable for sugarcane cultivation. Hence coffee planting and cultivation was supported by the

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My Coffee Roots


My love and passion for coffee and anything horticultural/plant-related is rooted deep within me, which has been tended and cultivated over time. Agriculture has had a great impact on both sides of my family; my paternal family (Kottaram family) in India and my maternal family (Chellam family) in Malaysia. This led to me pursuing a

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