Our Farms

Our farms are located in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica in Bangor Ridge, Portland Parrish.

Bangor Ridge google map

Barrack Springs

This 32-acre farm held under Diversity Company Limited was acquired by Sarada Krishnan in 2010. Local sources indicate that the farm was originally owned by Mr. Claude Jackson who inherited the property from him family. Title records indicate the purchase of the property by Mr. Bernard LeClainche in 1986, who borrowed funds from the Coffee Industry Board. Due to default of payment, the property had to be foreclosed. The property was purchased by American investors in 2001 and later incorporated as Diversity Company Limited in 2008.

Twenty eight acres of this beautiful property is now planted in coffee. Originally cultivated with coffee, the property had been left fallow for a few years, before planting commenced in 2008 by the previous owners. Planting was completed in 2011 and the 2012/2013 season was the first season of coffee production of reasonable quantity. The west side of the property is bounded by Back River and on the east side by Mabees River.

Salt Run

At 283 acres, this is the largest property of all three farms. Title records indicate the purchase of this property by Planters Jamaica Limited in 1992, which was later purchased by Toyota Tsusho Corporation. Purchased in 2010 from Toyota Tsusho Corporation and incorporated as Platinum Coffee Group, this property was originally thriving coffee farm, which had been left fallow for a few years. Cultivation began on the farm again in 2012 and 40 acres have now been planted.

Rose Hill

This 20-acre property, also purchased in 2010 under Diversity Company Limited, is currently not under cultivation. Sarada Krishnan hopes to dedicate this property for coffee research in the near future. Originally cultivated in coffee, this property was purchased by Peter and Gloria Marley in 1992. This was later sold to Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2009 and later purchased by Diversity Company Limited in 2010.